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Made in Switzerland

We offer a complete exporting solution for companies taking "Made in Switzerland" high end goods and services to market in China. We remove trade barriers, help manufacturers overcome hurdles to entering the Chinese market providing a buyer network and import trade platform enabling Swiss businesses to gain access to an ever growing demand for quality products.

The Queens

Based in Bern, four women joined forces in 2017 combining their skills to promote luxury Swiss made products to the Chinese market.

Queen Anna: Successful entrepreneur in product distribution and real estate in China. Queen Riitta: Administrative duties and networking in Bern with a background in events. Queen Katharina: Professional networker with a background in organization development and marketing strategies. Queen Ellie: Responsible for all shipping and export matters in China.

For China

We will help you export in the most efficient and cost effective way.  Buyers, payments, exchange rates, customs, inspections, regulations and translations are included in our services to ensure a smooth transition of your high end product to the fast growing and exciting Chinese market.

Queens4U Connection


For more information or to set up a personal meeting, please contact us.

We can provide you with translations of your product descriptions into Chinese,

give you guidance on certifications required in Switzerland and in China,

take care of customs and inspections and market your products to qualified buyers in China.


Muri b. Bern, Switzerland

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